Translation business

The expert of translation business can carry out the following types of professional activity:
     - translation (translation differently genre texts and documents, interpretation of negotiations, international meetings and conferences),
     - organizational (organization and different holding actions, creation of professional and public organizations),
     - production and administrative (the management and/or execution of professional duties (different types of the translation) in the relevant divisions of domestic, foreign and joint ventures and the organizations),
     - information and analytical (implementation of the socio-political analysis, drawing up business correspondence, reports, reviews, forecasts of a situation, editing translations),
     - scientific research (collecting and processing of practical material, preparation of reports and articles on problems of theory of translation and cross-cultural communication).

Graduates on translation business can work in a position:
     - translator assistant,
     - guide-interpreter,
     - editors of the translations.

Possibility of continuation of education of graduates of college:
     - in the highest professional educational institutions on related specialties with the reduced training term;

     - in the educational and methodical centers of the relevant ministries and departments for professional development.

Students set the gained knowledge in professional practice.

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