Management – the science about effective management of the enterprise including the doctrine about the principles of the organization of the enterprise, about the strategy of his development, about staff recruitment and ways of optimization of his work.

     - Hired professional managing director;
     - Specialist in production management.

He can be used as the expert able to reveal opportunities and to make the decisions directed to optimization of result of activity of firm; to provide an order and introduction of the innovative experience which is available in domestic and foreign practice; it is correct to assess the developing tactical situation in the region, branch and to use it for obtaining economic effect of the organization; to participate in preparation and the conclusion of commercial transactions; to make administrative and instructive documentation and to exercise control of their performance, to use new methods of stimulation; to conduct business correspondence.

The manager knows principles of the Constitution of RK, general provisions of the bases of the economy, theoretical and organizational bases of management, the modern organization and the production technology, psychology and ethics of business relations, theoretical and practical aspects of the organization of human resource management, the main forms and features of trade and economic relations in the internal and external markets, theoretical fundamentals of statistics, accounting, questions of studying of an environment and forecasting of the commodity markets, bases of management of finance.

Objects of professional activity:
     - trade enterprises and services sectors (shopping centers, hyper - both supermarkets and other shops, hotels, entertainment centers, tourist firms, advertizing agencies, restaurants and cafes);
     - supplying and marketing divisions of manufacturing enterprises, organizations of a financial and state management system.

Types of professional activity of the manager:
     - manager of average and low level; specialist of HR department;
     - consultant for planning of the organization, control and account, sale and supply.

Possibility of continuation of education of graduates of college:
     - in the highest professional educational institutions on related specialties with the reduced training term;
     - in the educational and methodical centers of the relevant ministries and departments for professional development.

Managers set the knowledge during practical training: educational and production.

During training students study objects for a course of high school and special objects: cultural science; fundamentals of philosophy; fundamentals of sociology and political science; bases of the economy; right bases; office-work in a state language; to the mathematician for economists; money, credit, banks; economic informatics; psychology and ethics of business relations, management bases; hardware of trade enterprises and labor protection; marketing bases; statistics; accounting bases; economy of the enterprise; management in trade; international management; human resource management.

Students set the gained knowledge in professional practice.

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