Information systems

Graduate of college of the International Academy of Business:

     - owns fundamentals of humanitarian and social and economic sciences;     
     - is able to use the gained knowledge in professional and other activity;
     - knows principles of the legislation and other normative legal acts of RK relating to his professional activity; ethical and the precepts of law governing the relations of      - the person to the person, society, the surrounding environment;
     - has the culture of thinking, knows a state language of RK-Kazakh and language of the official use – Russian;
     - has practical skills on drawing up and the solution of tasks with use of mathematical models, on use, adjustment and service of information networks, on application      - of means and methods of information security from unauthorized access, on drawing up accounting financial and statistical reports;
     - knows psychology and ethics of business relations within an official role of the worker.

Objects of professional activity:
     - financial and credit information in information systems; technical information; equity; property;
     - planning; work on service of information systems at the enterprises, in educational institutions, firms and so forth.

Possibility of continuation of education of graduates of college:
     - in the highest professional educational institutions on related specialties with the reduced training term;
     - in the educational and methodical centers of the relevant ministries and departments for professional development.

During training in college students study objects for a course of high school and special objects:
     - cultural science;
     - fundamentals of philosophy;
     - bases of the economy;
     - fundamentals of political science and sociology;
     - right bases; bases of the economic theory;
     - general theory of statistics;
     - office-work in a state language;
     - bases of management and marketing;
     - fundamentals of the higher mathematics;
     - elements of mathematical programming, theory of accounting;
     - economic information and information technologies;
     - complex of technical means;
     - operating systems and system software;
     - computer graphics;
     - information resources and computer networks,
     - information security and information safety;
     - programming.

 Students set the gained knowledge in professional practice.

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