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“Your actions are much more important than your words” (Steven Covey, lecturer and author of the book The Seven Skills of Highly Effective People)

Leaders define a number of features that affect the effectiveness of managing other people. It is ambitious, charisma and perseverance, self-confidence, psychological openness, realism, thirst for knowledge and other traits - those qualities, without which it is very difficult to maintain its effectiveness. First of all, a good leader must have an exemplary character, must be reliable and honest, with a good character, worthy of being followed by people. How to become a leader?
Since 2016, the College has a Leadership School. A leadership school is a training center that systematically develops student leadership potential.

The main goals and objectives of the Leadership School:
     - develop student leadership skills;
     - to realize the creative potential of a leader in students;
     - teach effective communication skills;
     - teach how to set tasks and solve problems;
     - teach how to plan the work of the team and adjust its actions;
     - teach how to plan time effectively.
Training is based on the principle of phasing. At the first stage, we study the biographies of world and domestic leaders, looking for ideological principles that guided the leaders. Ask questions, how would we act in a certain situation? Then, we identify leadership traits by developing skills in a learning environment. The next step is “getting out of the comfort zone” when students are offered a situation where they need to show leadership qualities outside the college walls by participating in various kinds of events.

For 4 months (September, October, November, December 2018) the following events were held:

Students took part in the competition of entrepreneurial start-ups from Depot Evolution .. Received certificates for participation in trainings from entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan. Danil Ogai (23 MN) won in the nomination “The Best Internet Startup”.

Dinmukhamed Umarov won the 1st place in the nomination "Best Reader" in the international competition "Art-Global Astana".

Winning college teams at the British Consul

4 projects (AlmaSK, Sla2y, Voices, Octopuses) took part in the contest of the best social and entrepreneurial ideas within the project “I-SEED: Innovations - Social Entrepreneurship and Education”, implemented by the British Council in partnership with Chevron. The purpose of the competition is to promote entrepreneurship among schoolchildren, develop their entrepreneurial and presentation skills, and also develop skills for generating business ideas. Sla2y team won the 3rd place.

4 master classes for 1st year students with coaches of the international organization “Young Life” were organized.

Students 1 and 2 courses participated in the international youth (un) conference of social projects from the "Zhas camp".

A master class on profiling was organized for third-year students of the MAB College “The Art of Lie Detection in Professional Activities” Speaker: Regina Larioshina, Director of Hrpractice, Link International Institute.

A meeting was organized with the director of the school "Jean Urpak" Askhat Abzhanov with college students.

Trainings on the development of social projects from the "British Council", 2 groups, 40 people, 1-2 year students.

Attended master classes from leading entrepreneurs, leaders of Kazakhstan:

 A. Baikadam (President of the building holding “Baikadam”)
 A. Yusupov (General Director of Upgrade Group LLP, Head of the School of Entrepreneurship, Skills and Marketing at the Upgrade School, President of the Alumni Association of Almaty Management University)
A. Amanbaev (founder of the Music Show event agency. Coach, business coach, copyright seminar "Hobby and money."
 B.Kasymbergebaev (President of Synergy University)
A. Abzhanov (President of the School of Leadership "Jean Urpak")
A.Sultanova (coach-coach of the party "Atameken")
I. Rozhdestina (coach, business coach on neurography)
N.Smagulov (Honorary Consul of New Zealand in Kazakhstan, patron of the arts.)
A. Sataev (Famous Kazakhstani film director)
B. Alibekov (famous TV presenter)
K. Malikov (coach, business coach)

March 20, 2018 Master class with the champion of Kazakhstan among juniors Gleb Golovachev

 At the age of 16, Gleb Golovachev from Almaty is the champion of Kazakhstan and a candidate for the Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in dance sport. As a member of the National Sports Team of Kazakhstan, Gleb represents the republic at the largest international competitions, where he shows high results.

So, one of the brightest is the prize place at the World Open Championship in Moscow, where out of 250 pairs Gleb with partner, Sophia Glotova, became the sixteenth, having overtaken participants from seventy countries in the hardest fight.

At the most prestigious Asian tournament, the King’s Cup of Thailand, the young couple reached the final again, adequately representing Kazakhstan and ahead of such “honored dance” countries as China, Japan, Korea and Australia.

Regular daily five-hour workouts, training sessions and seminars with international coaches and judges, practice and exercise - this is Gleb’s regular sports schedule, which he spoke about at a meeting with IAB college students. Also, Gleb demonstrated the basics of dance steps that lit the audience.

February 22, 2018 the training "Development of leadership skills and team building skills." The team of the organization "Young life" came to our college. In the form of a game, the participants practiced team building skills, invented techniques to protect the lines, formed immunity against manipulation. In this game, Zhabaginova Adel from the 12 MN group, which won the main prize, turned out to be the most resistant. In the game "Crossing" participants came up with a strategy to overcome obstacles. The most desperate guys helped the team members to cope with the task. The participants realized the importance of not only the work of the leader, but also the formation of team spirit.
Thanks to the "Young Life" team for the training and the desire to share important personal development information with people!

On February 17, 2018, the intellectual game "Quantum" took place at IAE College. The game, which is becoming increasingly popular in the city of Almaty, brought together those students who were interested in their intellectual development and display of leadership qualities. An analogue of the game "What? Where? When ?, popular in the USSR, created by V.Ya. Voroshilov and N.I. Stetsenko, was revived again in Almaty with the assistance of Askhat Utegulov and his team.

Educational ladder holding "ALMA"


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