Marketing is a science correctly to choose the target market, to attract, keep and increase the number of consumers by means of creation at the buyer of confidence that he represents the highest value for the company and also "ordered and purposeful process understanding of problems of consumers and regulation of market activity.

The marketing specialist is a specialist, the employee of firm, enterprise who is engaged in the analysis of demand for the made goods and sales markets of goods. Process of work of the marketing specialist consists of providing recommendations to the management of firm which will define whether there will be expedient a release and sale of certain goods.

Objects of professional activity of graduates are the markets (commodity, share, information; capital, work, etc.), marketing opportunities of economic entities, market researches, consumers, suppliers, intermediaries, contact audiences, competitors, goods of production and consumer appointment, service, advance elements (advertizing, public relations, personal contacts, sales promotion); public institutions, enterprises of services (hotels, catering establishments, tourist firms, excursion bureaus), manufacturing and intermediary enterprises, international chambers of commerce, trading houses, transport and communications, warehouse economy, political educations, public organizations, individuals and societies.

Experts of this profile have to be able to conduct market researches in various directions (a research of the market, goods/services, consumers, intermediaries, competitors, the marketing environment and elements of a complex of marketing) for the subsequent adoption of strategic decisions by economic entities in the field of segmentation of the market, the choice of target segments, positioning (repositioning) of goods/services of economic entities, development of corporate and tool strategy. Realization of such marketing actions demands from the bachelor of possession of the principles and methods of administrative activity, enterprise and business activity, ability to make effective marketing decisions on the basis of high professional competence in economy, management, finance, crediting, account and audit, econometrics.

Students set the gained knowledge in professional practice.

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