Accounting and Auditing

In the current situation of the crisis in the labor market, the demand for competent accountants will increase significantly - experts say. Experienced managers know very well how difficult it is to find a good accounting specialist: he should be not just an employee, but also an assistant, who can be trusted with the most expensive - the company's financial flows and tax reporting. And despite the fact that there are many accountants in the labor market, the search for "that single" sometimes takes months.

Proceeding from this, it is possible to single out the main advantages of the accountant profession in front of other specialties:
     - Demand in the labor market;
     - Prestigе of the specialty and its career opportunity;
     - Stability;
     - Independence to economic crises in the country;
     - Constantly increasing wages;
     - High professional qualities, allowing to regulate the financial position of the enterprise;
     - State statutory and legal acts are created in the account by professionals – accountants.

Studying for an accountant requires a lot of concentration and perseverance - all major disciplines are  connected   with figures, calculations and tables. Accounting is easier given to those who have a sufficient supply of patience and attentive. From professional disciplines, students study accounting, finance and credit, the international accounting system, audit, taxes and taxation and many others related in some way to the accounting and flow of funds.

Along with the theory, future accountants during the training should master specialized computer programs, including "1C: Accounting", work with spreadsheets and databases.

Students of the college theoretical knowledge is enshrined in professional practice.

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