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According to the mission of our college "We Create the Younger Generation of Leaders and Businessmen of RK" the innovative  educational institution TPE College of the International Academy of Business carries out the educational activity directed to formation of socially successful personality and training of the competitive experts having practical skills and professional competence.

The special part in realization of a mission is assigned to creation of the Coordination center for development of youth business on the basis of College of the International Academy of Business.

At the coordination center will function the student's School of entrepreneurship and business "Success vector" created in 2016 and business club.

CCoYE carries out the activity in interaction with Chamber of Businessmen of Almaty, Department of education of Almaty, Association of colleges of Almaty.

The school of entrepreneurship and business functioning in IAB College reveals the student's dream of "the business" since the first course, and, considering specifics of his interests, in all years of study in college "leads" the student to its realization.

 Area of work School of entrepreneurship and business "Success vector":

  • Carrying out since 2011 the Business economic game "I am a businessman" initiated by IAB college. The VІІ annual business economic game "I am a businessman" among students of colleges of the city of Almaty in 2017 is held by  with assistance of Akimat of Almaty;
  • In September, 2017 within implementation of the State program of development of youth business 19 students have completed 3 courses of IAB college the courses "School of the Young Businessman" organized by the Ministry of national economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National chamber of businessmen of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Atameken. In the program of training business simulation methods, planning methods, search of the ideas, calculation and creation of the business project have been studied. As speakers of the program Lazareva Lyudmila, Musabekov Malik, Isimova Sandugash have acted.

The direction of work of the Coordinating Center for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship:

  • Formation of information base in IAB college on informing young people on the existing methods of support and on the organizations which are carrying out the state support of youth business;
  • Creation of the platform on which young people could gain relevant knowledge and skills, to communicate, develop own ideas, to get advice of experts.
  • Creation of the register on youth business;
  • Promotion of youth enterprise projects by means of competitive selection of the best degree projects and startups for inclusion in the register of Chamber of businessmen of Almaty.
  • Change of content of education in traditional educational institutions, for the purpose of formation of incentives and behavioural the competences necessary for successful business activity.
  • With assistance of the Methodical office of TPE at UO of Almaty, Chamber of Businessmen of Almaty will organize and conducts advanced training courses of engineering and pedagogical workers of the TPE system on training of students and graduates of colleges of business activity.

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