The lawyer – the person with legal education.

The graduate of college owns fundamentals of humanitarian and social and economic sciences; is able to use the gained knowledge in professional and other activity; knows principles of the Constitution of RK, ethical and the precepts of law governing the relations of the person to the person, society, the surrounding environment; has the culture of thinking, knows a state language of RK-Kazakh and language of the official use – Russian; competently uses professional lexicon;
is able to make computer information processing.

Objects of professional activity:
courts, departments of bailiffs, notary offices, tax authorities, justice departments, law-enforcement bodies and prosecutor's offices, local and administrative organs, enterprises, institutions, public associations. At the same time they can hold positions of secretaries of vessels, court clerks, bailiffs, inspectors of departments, the pasportist managing office, codifiers in special libraries, lawyers – pretenzionist, secretaries of receptions and so forth.

Possibility of continuation of education of graduates of college:
     - in the highest professional educational institutions on related specialties with the reduced training term;
     - in the educational and methodical centers of the relevant ministries and departments for professional development.

During training in college students study objects for a course of high school and special objects:
     - cultural science;
     - fundamentals of philosophy;
     - bases of the economy;
     - fundamentals of political science and sociology;
     - bases of the theory of the state and right;
     - RK history of state and law;
     - law enforcement agencies of RK;
     - Constitutional right;
     - Administrative law;
     - ecological right;
     - financial right;
     - tax right;
     - office-work in a state language;
     - ethics and psychology in professional activity of the lawyer;
     - the automated processing of legal information; civil law;
     - civil procedural law;
     - labor law and right of social protection;
     - criminal law;
     - criminal procedural law;
     - notariate;
     - fundamentals of criminalistics;
     - judicial office-work;
     - executive right;
     - legal statistics, judicial rhetoric, culture of a written language.

Students set the gained knowledge in professional practice.

12/26/2018-master-class: "The Leader and His Team"

For first-year students of groups 12 PF, 12 MN, 12 MR Leadership Schools held a master class from the coaches of the international organization "Young life". The theme of the master class: "Leader and his team."
During the meeting, the participants performed creative, teamwork, developed the skills of delegation, teamwork. The unusual format of the training space made it possible to change roles from passive to active action.

12/25/18 - Training on the topic: "Information Wars: Past and Present."

The concept of information war has appeared relatively recently, but in reality this war is as old as our world. Humanity learned to lead it many thousands of years ago. Sometimes such a war is also called psychological, and in a broad sense it is a complex of actions aimed at changing the mind of your opponent, introducing into it the installations you need.

12/22/18 - Dispute Corruption - yours doesn’t matter.

The task of the event is to intensify the practical work of teachers and library staff with students of the college, aimed at the formation of students' anti-corruption competence, and on the education of anti-corruption ethics.

12.15.18 - Quiz “My Kazakhstan”.

The cognitive event in the form of the quiz “Kazakhstan is my homeland, Almaty is my favorite city” was conducted by the history teacher S. Rubtsov During the game, students were offered different types of tasks - creative, intellectual, related to the history of Kazakhstan and the city of Almaty. The guys answered the proposed questions, carried out assignments, made parallels between the knowledge gained and life experience.

12/14/2018 year- Oral journal "Children's Rights".

The event was held by students of the groups of specialties "law" under the guidance of teachers Kenbaeva A.S., Tastanbekova L.M. The event was based on information on children's rights in Kazakhstan with a slide show and an oral talk about human rights and the distribution of information materials. Law students were able to involve students in the didactic and creative process of the event, to arouse interest in conversational communication. Active participants in the event were students of group 32 of the OP Popova Kristina, Tsayzer Sophia, Bekmagambetova Alik.

Educational ladder holding "ALMA"


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