The concept of "Finance" is often identified with money.

This is due to the fact that at the level of public perception - money and finance are difficult to distinguish, although in essence they are different economic phenomena. Unlike money, finance is always an intangible thing. Between finance and money there is a well-known watershed, defined by their specific characteristics and economic boundaries in the social system.          

Finance - this is not in itself money, money income, and relations about the formation, distribution and use of funds of money. The fact is that the basis for the movement of money, the transition from one owner to another, is, first of all, relations between various participants in social production, that is, these are social relations.           

     - Specialist in financial transactions, financial sciences.
     - A banker, a person who leads large money transactions.

Objects of professional activity:
     - the financier should be prepared for professional work in financial  organization, treasury organization, independent audit control service, financial control committee;
     - in state bodies on posts requiring basic economic education.

The possibility of continuing the education of college graduates:
     - in higher professional educational institutions in related specialties with a shortened training period;
     - in educational and methodological centers of relevant ministries and departments for the development of skills.

During the period of study, students study subjects for the course of secondary school and special subjects:
     - culturology;
     - the foundations of philosophy;
     - bases of sociology and political science;
     - law basics;
     - finance and credit;
     - basics of economic theory;
     - the economy of the enterprise;
     - statistics;
     - accounting theory;
     - clerical work in the state language;
     - mathematics for economists;
     - economic informatics;
     - basis of management;
     - bases of marketing;
     - banking;
     - budget and budget system; a
     - udit; accounting;
     - taxes and taxation;
     - automated processing of economic information.

The students gain knowledge in professional practice.

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