The economy is a science how to make the choice in the conditions of a rarity. A subject of her studying is how people distribute rare resources among the competing consumers for the purpose of the maximum satisfaction of the requirements.

The economist – the expert in the field of economy, economic sciences.

The economist can perform works on any sites of accounting or management accounting with use of the modern equipment.

The graduate of college owns fundamentals of humanitarian and social and economic sciences; is able to use the gained knowledge in professional and other activity; knows principles of the legislation and other normative legal acts of RK relating to his professional activity; has the culture of thinking, knows a state language of RK-Kazakh and language of the official use – Russian; competently uses professional lexicon; understands essence and the social importance of the profession; possesses feeling of professional responsibility for results of the work; it is ready to solve at realization of professional functions the objectives demanding the analysis of a situation and the choice of decisions; knows psychology and ethics of business relations within an official role of the worker; is able to use the computer for collecting, storage and the information processing applied in the sphere of his professional activity.

Objects of professional activity are: property; equity; income and expense; financial results from production operating commercial, financial and investment activities; accounting, operational, statistical and tax accounting; strategic, routine operational planning; control and analysis of economic and financial and economic activity; audit; standard and registration and administrative documentation.

Possibility of continuation of education of graduates of college: in the highest professional educational institutions on related specialties with the reduced training term; in the educational and methodical centers of the relevant ministries and departments for professional development.

During training students study objects for a course of high school and special objects: cultural science; fundamentals of philosophy; fundamentals of political science; economic sociology; bases of the economic theory; right bases; finance and credit; microeconomics; macroeconomic; office-work in a state language; to the mathematician for economists; economic informatics and economic technologies;; management bases; marketing bases; theory of accounting; right regulation of economic activity; world economy and international economic relations; taxes and taxation; banking; accounting; the automated processing of economic information; analysis of financial statements; economic analysis of the enterprise; audit; economy of the enterprise; management accounting.

Students set the gained knowledge in professional practice.

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