List of documents

List of documents for entering college 

1. Оriginal of testifying to education.

2. Copy of certificate of identity, birth certificates.

3. Address certificate, IIN.

4. Medical certificate in a due form №86-У with the appendix of fluorography.

5. Passport of health. Inoculative map of child.

6. Description from the place of completion of educational establishment.

7. A photo of 3х4- is 8 things.

8. Warrant on an infant child.

9. Foreigners and persons without citizenship present a document, qualificatory them status with a mark about registration at the place of residence:

     1) residential foreigner-permit foreigner in Republic of Kazakhstan;
     2) person without citizenship- certification of person without citizenship;
     3) refugee-certification of refugee;
     4) person, searching refuge- certificate of person, taking refuge;
     5) oralman-license oralman.

Reception of documents (ALMAU, 2 floor, cabinet 235)

Monday - Friday    9.00 - 18.00
Saturday             9.00 - 13.00

Educational ladder holding "ALMA"


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