Our projects

Our projects

Teachers and students of the college annually conduct events which became traditional and make the life of college interesting, informative and unrepeatable.


Solemn line on the 1st of September- annually on the 1st of September the solemn line at the college is conducted.

Выборы в Студенческий совет колледжа - студенты колледжа голосуют за кандидатов в совет студенческого самоуправления.

Health day - annually in September is the trip for students to Issyk lake is conducted. It is a traditional event for freshmen.

Contest of readers - for creating conditions of artistic speech development, there is conducted contest of readers every year.

Contest of talents - the event is aimed to reveal creative skills of youth and exchanging the experiences.


Histotical quest-contest - it is a new and entertaining format of studying the history and attractions of Almaty. 

Student theatre - since 2015 there is created a student theatre at the college. The theatrical troupe is created with students of IAB college.

Initiation into students - it is one of the brightest traditions of our college. It is aimed to to include freshmen into the active life of the college.

Marketing battle - International day of marketologist is the professional holiday for specialists of this field.

Meeting of college administration with the group activists - it is aimed to improve educational and upbringing process at the college. 

День пожилого человека - студенты колледжа с программой культурных мероприятий выступают перед пожилыми людьми. 


Business economic game "I am an entrpreneur" -  the game is conducted since 2011 among the students of the college.

Panel discussion "Youth. Entrepreneurship. Business" - before conducting the game "I am an entrepreneur" it became tradition to conduct panel discussion with successfull businessmen of Kazakhstan.

Student scientific conference - it is aimed to awaken youth's interest to scientific activity.  

Student's day - there are different entertainings are organised for students. 


Sports festival -students of the college actively participatemunicipal sport event in such types of sport as cross, presidential tests, mini-football, national types of sport, checkers, chess, togyzkumalak, basketball, volleyball, armrestling, table tennis. 

New Year costume ball.


Meeting with Leningrad blockades.

Педагогические чтения "Учиться чтобы учить".


День вывода войск из Афганистана.

Glory moment - traditionally, every year the contest of talents "Glory moment" is conducted, where the best of the bests show their skills.

The contest of professional mastery "Business lady" - in this students' competition girls of the college can show their professional and creative skills.


Торжественный концерт посвященный Международному  женскому дню 8 марта!

Business economic game Busness mania - it is the the business economical game where players can show their business and see if they can be successfullbusinessmen.

Gratitude day -students of the 1st course prepare holiday programme:concert,national cusine of 12 nations, HANDMADE exhibition, national dress. 

Nauryz holiday - students and college staff prepare concert, sport events and different types of dish. 


Championship on sitebuilding - championship on sitebuilding is conducted among the college students of Almaty since 2013.

KVN - is the most funny tradition of our college. 

Scientific-practical conference - is conducted annualy on the topic "Science, knowledge, youth- future of Kazakhstan".

"Kozy-Korpeshand Bayan-Sulu" contest - celebrating the Day of Love became tradition in our college. 


The Day of unity

The contest of array and song - this contest is conducted traditionally among the students of the 1st course: passage with the solemn march, singing the song.

Deadly regiment - annually students and teachers of the college participate in deadly regiment.

Memory watch - students of the college carry the memory watch by the eternal flame in the park of 28 Panfilov guardsmen and by the monument of internationalist warriors died in Afganistan.


День символов.

День защиты окружающей среды.

Graduation ball.

Educational ladder holding "ALMA"


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